How I came to have a thing for out of shape Asian MILFs

Sent in to us by ‘Clive’.

Well it was 2018 and I’d just been through a messy breakup with my ex. She was extremely bossy and uptight. Sex with her was once a month (if I was lucky), lights off and completely silent. I wasn’t allowed to do any position other than missionary. Basically all the hallmarks you hear about of what was essentially a sexless relationship.

The breakup was long and drawn out. I had forgotten what good sex was like but I was starting to get lonely, so of course I downloaded the cess-pit app that is Tinder.

After playing around on there for a few weeks I became sick of the constant games being played by the girls on there and I decided to branch out and go exploring the World (virtually). I downloaded a GPS emulator app on my phone and talked to a few women in different countries before I found her.

Her name was Coco and she was a 42 year old mom from Beijing, but living in Malaysia for her husband’s work. They were obviously well-off as their son was enrolled in a high-class school there. I didn’t ask many details on that and I’m sure you don’t care anyway.

Anyway, after talking for a few days it became clear that firstly she had a husband and secondly that they hadn’t had sex for a very long time. Her husband already had a younger girl but it wasn’t spoken about in the family.

Around day 3 of chatting I had just finished a shower and video called Coco while I was topless. She immediately was more cheeky than in the previous day, one thing led to another and I got her to remove her top. She had these tits just dying to burst out of her bra and I was keen to see more. I asked her if she wanted to see more of my body and she said yes, so I thought fuck it and showed her my cock, which was by now semi-hard.

Well, I didn’t need to even ask as the next thing I saw was her panties coming up to reveal this huge, messy bush. Not much to look at I thought but it was what happened next that got me.

She proceeded to finger herself very loudly whilst I jacked off. All sorts of froth and cream building up in her pubes. She had these fat rolls and stretch marks but all of a sudden they were really turning me on. My eyes were fixated on her boobs gently bouncing as she fucked herself faster and faster.

It’s the noises which really got to me. She carried on fingering herself wildly until she had a shaking orgasm then she held her creamy fingers up to the camera. I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

We arranged to do it again the following day but the next time I went to check her profile, I was blocked LMAO.

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